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Amateur Radio Satellites – Exciting Communications Made Fun and Easy


You don’t need 100W of transmit power nor expensive antenna arrays to work the FM amateur satellites! Many hams already have the necessary equipment to "work the birds." This presentation will walk you through ALL the steps needed to successfully work several ham satellites.


Our presentation provides hams with information on how to successfully get on the air with FM Satellites, in most cases either with equipment they may already possess, or by obtaining a few specialized, inexpensive items. While explaining techniques and procedures, an emphasis of “Keep it Simple” and “Have Fun” is stressed throughout.

This presentation has been well received by the many Midwest clubs and hamfests we’ve presented to. Between the material presented, the handouts, the always-lively Q&A afterward, the session support Web site, and access after the fact to us (via email) with satellite inquiries – your meeting or event will be providing attendees with COMPLETE information on this aspect of the amateur radio hobby.


We Love to Provide Hands-On Demonstrations to our audience when timing works out that one or more satellites are scheduled to be on the air, and passing overhead. Our goal is to place antennas and radios in the hands of any licensed amateur radio operator who has never before worked a satellite, to give them a sample of the excitement of working an Amateur Radio Satellite. (Weather Permitting and Availability of Satellites)


We’re growing an appreciative audience with this presentation over the past few years in our local region of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Nebraska. Here’s what others have been saying about our presentation:

“…I wondered how in the world do those guys hit satellites? Well they
obviously needed additional radios for additional bands, weird looking
antennas with rotors (more than one), etc, etc, etc. Not so, as I now see.
Your presentation shows how easy it can be.”

- Tom Klamt – KE0QL, Bellevue, Nebraska

“Randy started the evening by telling the group that they are not experts.
Well, you couldn't tell it. They kept our group entertained for a solid hour
talking about everything from the type of satellites to the equipment needed
and the frequencies to work the "birds." If your club hasn't had the chance to
invite these folks to come and do their presentation, you're passing up a great
opportunity. I highly recommend you put them on your schedule.”

– Corey Mesembrink – KC0YNS, Columbia, Missouri


2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 Presentation Calendar:

1. Raytown ARC (Raytown, MO)
2. 2010 Ararat Hamfest (Kansas City, MO)
3. Heart of America ARC (Red Cross) (Kansas City, MO)
4. Blue Springs ARC (Blue Springs, MO)
5. Radio Amateurs of Johnson County (Overland Park, KS)
6. Warrensburg Area ARC (Warrensburg, MO)
7. Bellevue ARC (Bellevue, NE) Sep 16-10
8. Midway ARC (Kearney, NE) Sep 18-10
9. Columbia ARC (Columbia, MO) Oct 2010
10. Santa Fe Trails ARC (Olathe / Gardner, KS) Jan 21-11
11. Central-States ARC (Joplin, MO) Feb 22-11
12. 2011 Nebraska ARRL Convention (Lincoln, Nebraska) Mar 19-11
13. 2011 Ararat Hamfest (Kansas City, MO) Apr 23-11
14. Clay County ARC, (Liberty, MO) Jun 6-11
15. Douglas County ARC, (Lawrence, KS) Jul 7-11
16. Central-States Hamfest, (Joplin, MO) Aug 27-11
17. Nixa ARC, (Nixa, MO) Oct 8-11
18. Wyandotte County RACES, (Kansas City, KS) Oct 18-11
19. Pilot Knob Amateur Radio Club, (Leavenworth, KS) Jan 05-12
20. North Kansas City Hamfest, (Kansas City, MO) Jan 21-12
21. 2012 Ararat Shrine Hambash, (Kansas City, MO) Apr 21-12
22. Independence FM Amateur Radio Club, (Independence, MO) Jun 11-12
23. Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club Hambash, (Warrensburg, MO) Jul 14-12
24. Communiversity; University of Missouri, Kansas City (Kansas City, MO) Jul 20-12
25. The Joplin Hamfest, (Joplin, MO) Aug 25-12
26. Santa Fe Trails ARC Edu-Fest, (Gardner, Kansas) Sep 01-12
27. Southside ARC Ham Radio Octoberfest, (Belton, MO) Oct 20-12
28. Raytown Amateur Radio Club Hamfest, (Raytown, MO) Nov 10-12
29. Ft. Smith Area ARC Hamfest, (Ft. Smith, AR) Apr 06-13
30. ASCRA Conference, (Independence, MO) Apr 13-13
31. Bates County Hamfest, (Adrian, MO) May 11-13
32. Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club Hambash, (Warrensburg, MO) Jul 20-13
33. The Joplin Hamfest, (Joplin, MO) Aug 24-13
34. Santa Fe Trails ARC Edu-Fest, (Gardner, Kansas) Sep 14-13
35. Santa Fe Trails ARC (Gardner, KS) Oct 4-13
36. ARRL Midwest Convention, (Lebanon, MO) Nov 08 / 09-13
37. Raytown Amateur Radio Club Hamfest, (Raytown, MO) Nov 16-13
38. Bates County Hamfest, (Adrian, MO) May 03-14
39. Dayton National Hamvention, (Dayton, OH) May 16, 2014
40. Santa Fe Trails ARC Edu-Fest, (Gardner, KS) September (TBD), 2014
41. Independence Emergency Operations Center, (Independence, MO) 7:00 PM, April 9, 2015
42. HMS Beagle Science Store, (Parkville, MO) 3:00 PM, April 12, 2015
43. Metro KC Area SATERN,(Olathe, KS) 7:00 PM, May 11, 2015
Dayton National Hamvention, (Dayton, OH) May 15, 2015
45. Raytown Amateur Radio Club Hamfest, (Raytown, MO) Nov 07-15


It all depends on your event or meeting. At the Nebraska ARRL Convention, March 2011, we had about 50 in attendance in the room. At the Amateur Radio Club Meeting at Columbia, Missouri, there we about 75 in attendance, with representation from two radio clubs. At the Dayton Hamvention, our audiance was counted at over 175 people!


With the exception of a screen, we can bring our own projector, sound speakers, computers, and other visual aids. Once we have moved the equipment to the room, We’d like 12 to 15 minutes to set up. We hope the event allows time between sessions for speakers to setup and dismantle their gear!


Just a 6-8’ table for the projector, literature and “show-and-tell” items we bring. This should be positioned up front and off-center to the screen. No podium is required.


We help do that for you! As speakers for the your event, we will provide our Web site visitors with a link to your organization's or event’s web site on and other national internet venues. I also publish announcements on, Larry’s List,,,, and others.


We would request your organization consider helping us with covering the costs related to transportation and lodging if we need to travel outside the Kansas City Metropolitan Area to your meeting or event, especially if staying the night is required. We need to stress: We’re not looking to make a profit, although breaking even would be nice.


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