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Hams In Space!

Hams In Space is one of the KD0HKD.COM Satellite Web Sites where you can learn how the Hams in Space Team can come to your Amateur Radio Club Meeting, Hamfest, or Event to provide a presentation on FM Amateur Radio Satellites!

  1. * To view and download information about our presentation and what it can provide your Club Meeting, Hamfest or Event, Click on Details.
    * To view a copy of our Satellite Presentation,
    Click on Deck.
    * To read short biographies on our Hams in Space Team Members, Click on Team Bios.
    * To view Videos or hear Audio Clips on Amateur Radio Satellite Communicatios, Click on Sight and Sound.
    * For information on how to contact us for Information and Additional Detals about our Presentations, Click on Contact Us.


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